How can I get the perfect loft conversion

Getting a loft conversion is great idea – it can breathe new life into your home.

But let’s not pretend that a loft conversion isn’t without its stresses. After all, for a few weeks your home will become a building site.

So what can you do to minimise the levels of stress you face? And how can you ensure that at the end of the process, you have the loft conversion that matches your needs?

Let’s look at some tips to help your London loft conversion go without a hitch.

1 Get busy planning

You’ve probably heard the phrase “proper planning prevents poor performance”. In fact, it’s a bit of a cliche. But the fact it’s a bit of a cliche also stems from the fact it’s true. Understanding what you want from your loft conversion is the first step. How can you expect a contractor to work on a project to your satisfaction if you don’t actually know what you want from it? Now in most cases, you’ll probably want something straightforward – a couple of extra bedrooms and a bathroom, all “off the peg”. But if you do want more, it’s up to you to specify what, and to understand any limitations which might mean you have to compromise in some way.

You also need to ensure you’re on top of the admin side of things. That means the potential planning issues you might face, any building regulation approvals that you may need and so on. A reputable contractor will help you deal with these issues, but you need to ensure you understand what the situation is before you start asking for quotes.

2 Be picky

Like with any big home improvement project, you should get several quotes. Not only will this help you get a strong grasp of the exact cost of a London loft conversion, it will also help you work out which contractors can be trusted. Remember – you shouldn’t always take the cheapest quote. If you have two or three quotes all around the same price, and one that’s substantially cheaper, then you should be slightly suspicious about that company. How is it possible they can offer you such a big discount compared to the others? If you can discover a satisfactory answer to this question, then that’s ok – especially if you can track down positive reviews of the company from real people. But if something seems fishy, don’t be tempted by a low price – after all, if things go wrong, then you may end up paying more in the long run. Reputable loft conversion contractors should be more than happy to let you speak to past customers.

3 Don’t forget the finishing touches

Remember – the actual loft conversion process isn’t the be all and end all of turning your attic space into a living space. There’s still plenty more to do. Will the loft conversion process include decoration? If not, you’ll need to arrange that. You’ll also need to arrange to furnish the room(s), so they can be used for the purpose you intended. It’s vitally important you factor this into your budgeting as if you spend all your available cash on the actual conversion, you will end up with an undecorated, unfurnished space that can’t be lived in.

Summing up

We hope none of this has put you off getting a loft conversion – after all, it is a really good way to transform your home. Just make sure you’re fully prepared!